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The Songs of Emily Rose Podcast
Season 2

S1E1 - November 2021

ER's snarky overview: Main character syndrom runs wild in this narcisistic first episode - we hope you enjoy the lovable narcism on show, giving you an enjoyable taster of what's to come.

Other artist(s):

Natasha Karp is a bloody brilliant West End talent. She's also a senior manager in a big firm that does something with tax. Or taxis. One of those. She's very smart.


Specificities - originally written as an asignment on the Graduatre Musical Theatre Writing Programme, NYU, Tisch

Dear New York Family - from the musical, The Repatriot. Performed by Natasha Karp. Sheet music available from New UK Musicals

And I Will Sing - from the 2012 EP My Little Songbook

ER's snarky overview: Emily Rose gives expert insight into the values of this Christian festival. Emily Rose, an agnostic, under-practicing Jew.

Other artist(s):

Ali Keller is the lyricist of Silent Days and Silent Nights. She is also a balls to the wall playwright and film maker. Crikey. Her work is an explosion of wow.

Justin Lowrey is behind the vocals of Silent Days and Silent Nights. They are an incredible singer. As this recording was made during the pandemic, neither Ali or Emily Rose has ever met Justin but look forward to meeting them in the future.


Christmas in London (with me!) - First performed at Iris Theatre's Xmas Factor, then in 2019's Passing Show in New York.

Sitting By The Christmas Tree - from the musical, Breaking Up With Nigel. This is the first song written for the musical - and definitely the first draft!

Silent Days and Nights - lyrics by Ali Keller, performed by Justin Lowrey - from the film Seven Fishes.

ER's snarky overview: As it looks like the UK is going into another lockdown in January, this theme felt right for the moment.. How's your new year resolution going by the way?

Other artist(s):

This episode was created over December, and December is quite busy..


          Manchild - Recorded in the basement music rooms at International House NY

         Disturb The Peace - Words written in 2017, music written in December 2021

         January Song - Written in 2010

ER's snarky overview: Musings of what love might be from a very single person..

Other artist(s):

David Michael Garry performs Travelling Soul. He is an incredible actor, musician and a singer who wonderfully straddles the divide between opera and musical theatre. 

Hansol Kim is the bookwriter for The Shakespeare Hostel, which Travelling Soul is from. Now based in Korea, she is a funny, sweet and hugely inventive writer. 


          Jewish Love Song - From Confessions of A Rabbi's Daughter - recorded by Emiy Rose, who performed and toured the show around the UK and US between 2012 and 2018. Score available from New UK Musicals.

         Every Morning - Words written in 2015 as an assisgnment on the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch, NYU. Music written in January 2021, recorded in The Swiss Church in London.

         Travelling Soul - Performed by David Michael Garry. Originally from The Shakespeare Hostel - the thesis musical by Hansol Kim (Book & Lyrics) and Emily Rose Simons (Music & Lyrics) on the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program at Tisch, NYU. Music and Lyrics for Travelling Soul written by Emily Rose Simons. Score available from New UK Musicals.

S1E2 - December 2021
S1E3 - January 2022
S1E4 - February 2022
S1E5 - March 2022

ER's snarky overview: Musings on modern communication through the medium of a podcast. It's almost meta.


          Texting The Muse - From My Little Songbook EP - recorded by Emiy Rose, about a decade ago.

         Sad Emoji - From The Repatriot - recorded by Emily Rose's multiple personalities

         And My Dreams Are Weird - From Suzie's Becoming A Woman - recorded by more of Emily Rose's multiple personalities.

S1E6 - April 2022

ER's snarky overview: it's a mixed bag of an episode... Everything from abortions to Passover!


          In My Books - From Rebecca and Lily - recorded by Emiy Rose.

         Hundreds of People - From The Funeral Lady - recorded by Emily Rose.

         It Passes On - written as an assignment on the Graduate Musical Theatre Writing Program, Tisch NYU. 

S1E7 - May 2022

ER's snarky overview: Oh, it's a busy summer and this episode was a quicky...


          Busy - From The Repatriot - recorded by Emiy Rose.

         Get There - recorded by Emily Rose.

         The Whirlpool - From an adaptation of The Seagull - recorded by Emily Rose Simons and a friend.

ER's snarky overview: The summer was a big one - here's an overview of what Emily Rose has been up to.


          Metaphorically - From Hex Education- lyrics by Rishi Cowen, book by Marin Berisa, recorded by Emiy Rose Simons.

         I'm Gonna Make It - From Blood/Sweat/Tears - book & lyrics by Ali Keller, music by Emily Rose Simons, recorded by Emily Rose Simons. 

         On Your Own - From Inconvenient Miracle - Book by Emily Claire Schmitt, Music and Lyrics by Emily Rose Simons, Story by Emily Claire Schmitt & Ria T. DiLullo, recorded by Emily Rose Simons.

S1E8 - Summer 2022

ER's snarky overview: An exploration of the songs cut, but the themes still at the heart of the show. 


          Woman of Valour - Cut from Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter- recorded by Emily Rose Simons

         Glorious Life - Cut from Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter- recorded by Emily Rose Simons

         Only Sometimes - Cut from Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter- recorded by Emily Rose Simons

S1E9 - September 2022
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