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The Inconvenient Miracle

Book by Emily Claire Schmitt

Music and Lyrics by Emily Rose Simons

Story by Emily Claire Schmitt and Ria T. DiLullo

A 15 year old athiest at an all-girls Catholic school becomes pregnant through imaculate conseption.

Between the aggressive teenage prophet in the cafeteria, the Catholic nun obsessed with a carrot patch, and the wacky grandma who won't stay dead, Vanessa Rosales has a lot to deal with. Being the lone rational atheist at Saint Angela's School for Girls doesn't make matters easier. When the aforementioned prophet declares that Vanessa will be the next Virgin Mary, Vanessa considers the whole thing an elaborate form of bullying. Now, if only the impossible would stop happening....

Cast Size: 8+

Development History:


Summer 2022 Showcase Presentation at The Episopal Actors' Guild Hall Winner of EAG's Open Stage Grant

2021 Developmental Workshop at the University Centre Weston, UKDirected by Grace Taylor (Associate Director, SIX The Musical, London)

2018 Beam Show Showcase - Shining a Light on New British Musical Theater


2018 New York New Works Festival (Condensed Version)

2018 Developmental Workshop and Staged ReadingPresented by The Skeleton Rep(resents) at The Tank NYC

2017 "Whatchamacallit" is adapted into the Musical The Inconvenient Miracle: A Mysterious Birth Musical"


Whatchamacallit: A Play About Jesus Spring 2016 Production by The Skeleton Rep(resents) at The Secret Theater NYC

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