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The Funeral Lady

Book, Music & Lyrics by Emily Rose Simons

The battle between Fiona, Public Health Funerals Office of Tatchem Parish Council and Jenny, head of the Waste and Sewage department. It’s a British Urinetown meets Alan Bennet meets Victoria Wood meets Horlicks.

Welcome to the weird, mundane and sometimes horrifying world of the Waste and Sewage Department of Tatchem Council; specifically, the Public Health Funerals Department. It’s a department of one, where Fiona spends her days trying to give dignity to those who lived as alone as she has suddenly found herself. But now she must go into battle with Jenny, head of Waste and Sewage who wants to make these costly Public Health Funerals a deterrent for anyone teetering at the edge of society. Will Jenny win and make her dream of efficient, immiediate, compulsory cremations come true? (“Maybe they can heat the lido!”) Or will Fiona fight for in the memory of those remembered by no one but her?

Cast Size: 3-5

Development History:

"Everything to Me" reached the final of the Styles and Drewe Songwriting Contest. Working towards completed first draft.

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