Rachel Wiseman has always wanted to make her father, Rabbi Wiseman, proud by becoming a Rabbitzen (a Rabbi’s Wife). As her parents plan their daughter’s forthcoming nuptials, her friendship with Sarah blossoms into love. Rachel’s turbulent emotional struggle to decide between her heart and her father’s dreams is presented through songs that promise to pluck the heartstrings and make you smile.

"Confessions of a Rabbi's Daughter" is the first musical theatre offereing from Miss Emily Rose. Book, music lyrics and performed by Emily Rose Simons and has been to the Edinburgh Fringe, Off-West-End, Off-Off Broadway, toured the UK and the US.


In 2014, Ilai Szpiezak as producer and David Merriman as Musical Director, for the London performances. The US tour was produced by Joella Tepper Sarah.

 In July 2017, the musical was revamped and produced as part of The Tank's Pridefest with Lori Steinberg as director and Andrew Drannon, and then, in 2018 Lori Steinberg directed the show at JW3. (Video opposite)


‘The audience was captivated and so was I.’ 


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Book and Lyrics: Mariah MacCarthy

Music: Emily Rose Simons

The baby goes home with his new family - but what about the people who made him? Birth parents Alisha and Kevin are trying to move forward with their lives and relationships after the placement of their son in an open adoption, but connection proves tricky after such a huge loss. A heart-aching musical-in-progress about how to love and be loved when no one else gets it.

This show received it's first presentation at Ensemble Stage Theatre (NYC)  on the 21st of June as part of their Bloodworks festival:

Book & Lyrics by Mariah MacCarthy

Music by Emily Rose Simons

Directed by Ali Keller

Cast: Sarah Matteucci, Jonathan Randell Silver, Badia Farha, & Mick Bleyer

The band: Emily Rose Simons (piano/MD), Pablo Crespo (guitar), Goh Izawa (drums), Andi Buch (bass), Ali Comerford (violin)

The Repatriot

Book, Music and Lyrics: Emily Rose Simons

Director: Adam Lenson

The Repatriot is about a strong, fiercely independent, extremely successful New York tech developer who suddenly finds herself without a job, a visa and back home with her parents in High Barnet. 

It's a show about getting out of bed, because sometimes that is hardest thing to do. 

Enjoy this video of Natasha Karp performing 'Dear New York Family'

The score is available from New UK Musicals

Book and Original Play: Emily Claire Schmitt

Music and Lyrics: Emily Rose Simons

Director: Ria T. DiLullo

Developed by: Skeleton Rep

Review from the New York workshop

Vanessa is simply minding her own business when the strange girl from school who claims to be a mystic declares her the next Virgin Mary.  After punching said mystic in the face, an act of self-defense obviously, she lands herself in weekly detention with Sister Florence, the last remaining nun on campus. Both women get more than they bargained for as miracles begin popping up at highly inconvenient times. Is it possible that Vanessa is the sign from Heaven that Florence is waiting for? Faith, fantasy, and farce collide in this irreverent comedy.

March 2018: Presented at BEAM, Stratford East, London, UK

April 2018: Workshop at The TANK NYC

June 2018: Songs presented at Signal Concert, The Hospital Club, London, UK

September 2018: Selected for New York New Works, Acorn Theatre, New York


Rosary - Sarah White
Still Small Voice - Teresa Attridge
Web M.D - Sarah White
Convert - Teresa Attridge, Amanda Bruton and Cast
If You Exist - Sarah White and Cast

The F*** Am I Doing?

Book and Lyrics: Ali Keller

Music: Emily Rose Simons

Director: Adam Lenson

HOME is a song cycle in development about finding the people and places that feel like home while becoming an adult (and how maybe it takes a couple of tries to get it right).

These videos are two of the songs from the cycle dealing with finding the right person in the wrong circumstances or realizing you've found the wrong person. They were presented at an event for Primary Stages at Jimmy's No. 43 on August 2nd 2017. 

Can't Do That With You is performed by Jenan Jacobson

I'm Sorry is performed by Annalisa Chamberlin

Piano/MD: Emily Rose.

Directed by Jennifer Curfman

Filmed by Ed Levy